1. Plot - Győr

The area is located at the junction of the M0 motorway and road 83. The entire area has a single road access from the main road. It has no utilities, but can be explored from neighboring plots. The land is intended to be sold as a whole (40 ha).
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1. Plot - Győr
Available plots
39,93 ha
Distance to motorway
107 km from the M0 motorway
1 km from the M1 motorway
120 km from the M7 motorway
Distance to airport
16,7 km from Győr-Pér Airport
157 km from Liszt Ferenc Airport
Public transport
700 m from bus station
1,5 km from railway station


1. Plot - Győr
Parcel number
több helyrajzi számon, későbbi telekalakítás szükséges
Maximum buliding height
15 m
Development classification
Minimum green area
1. Plot - Győr
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