1. Plot - Pécs

The area is located in Pécs, next to the main road 58. The area is bordered by the main road 58, Galilei street, Pascal street and Benke vineyard. The area has one road connection from the main road 58 and one connection from Galilei street. The plot has been partially landscaped, but is not connected to public utilities.
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1. Plot - Pécs
Available plots
56,9 ha
Distance to motorway
195 km from the M5 motorway
120 km from the M7 motorway
1,2 km from the M6 motorway
Distance to airport
3,4 km from the Pécs-Pogány Airport
246 km from the Liszt Ferenc Airport
Public transport
Bus station at the site
7 km from railway station


1. Plot - Pécs
Parcel number
Maximum buliding height
12,5-15 m
Development classification
Minimum green area
1. Plot - Pécs
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